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Advantages of ventilated facades

1. Insulation during wintertime

insulation, fixed on the outside wall, allows a continuos and low thermal bridge construction. The insulate material is adequate for all insulation requirements.

2. Insulation during summertime

Heat accumulation resp. heat up is mostly prevented because of ventilation between insulation and facade. The outside wall heats up lightly and slowly. The outside fluctuation of temperature has mostly no influence of the room temperature.



3. Rain protection, open joints

Partial penetrating water will be ousted from the airflow shortly, so the insulation remains in function.

4. Sound insulation

More than up to 15 dB improvement compared to solid walls.








5. Humid protection

The condensation water zone is outside the wall.

6. Water steam diffusion

By meaning of building physics the ventilated facade has the most safety function, with diffusion open heat insulation simply ideal. No need of a vapour barrier.

7. Heat accumulation in the wall

more wallthickness means more heat accumulation capacity of the room-components. In case of short interruption of the heating facilities, or if capacity is reduced, the temperature equalization is made.

8. Building protection

The outside walls are protected against fluctuation of temperature through the heat insulation. Wall-loads are by-passed. Wall stays dry, therefore no further corrosion failure.